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Meet Bezzie.  

A virtual 'bestie' enabling health and happiness with AI allyship and immersive experiences.

Bezzie is relatable, judgement-free and always there. 

Bezzie, your virtual health ally, is designed to listen, understand, and relate to your unique health and wellness journey. With its AI-driven empathetic technology, Bezzie offers support and guidance, ensuring that you never feel alone.

  • Profound Companionship and Guidance

  • Non-judgmental Interactions

  • Assistance with Barriers to Care

  • Shareable Session Journal

  • Timely Reminders & Encouragement

  • 24/7 Support Availability

Virtual Reality Device

Immerse yourself in health & happiness. 

Bezzie listens, understands, remembers, and guides patients through immersive experiences to support whole-health and the whole healthcare team.


Virtual Reality environments create safe spaces for vulnerable conversations with your human-like AI-enabled Bezzie, ensuring you feel heard & seen. Unlike mobile device applications, VR experiences greatly reduce distractions and lead to more focused and effective engagement.


You choose the virtual environment, your Bezzie, and what to work on in a session. Deep memory ensures that Bezzie learns from every interaction, so future sessions can be informed by preferences, insights, and goals. Bezzie helps with barriers to care and includes things like meditation, mindfulness, and even light exercise.


Bezzie shares validated traditional & osteopathic healthcare information and partners with providers and health plans to make sure you are surrounded by support ahead of, after, and in-between visits with care teams. Our AI is great at noticing insights across your life and partnering with your care team to deliver the best care for you.

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