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A virtual AI-powered companion connecting you, your members, and providers to ensure needs are met and costs are contained.

Get to know your members to remove barriers to care, prioritize, and deliver proactive, relatable, cost-effective, and value-based care.

Scaling Care Delivery

Offer on-demand access to support members' needs between visits, and build a strong provider partnership.


Meet your objectives by giving members access to health-focused AI companion to address whole health, SDOH, and connect to resources.


Deliver top-notch member experiences, and improve satisfaction through listening and support, while gathering provider-prioritized data.


Collect, synthesize, and prioritize health and wellness info, including member-specific signals.

  • Easily create new health journeys

  • Configure Bezzie's style, skills, and guidelines

  • Monitor patients between visits, extend your team’s reach

  • Provide your specific resources and care plans to follow

  • Prioritize needs and remove barriers to care

  • Optimize patient visits

  • Deliver proactive, relatable, cost-effective value-based care

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